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Anonymous said: It was in color, english She grew up fast She hooked up in a tree house, There was dolls and doll house she had a friend (a boy) Then she grew up she became an adult There was a scene she went to an theare and the acting was this man cutting someone head off I don't think it was an old movie But i really can't remember and ive been looking trying to find the movie

The first film that comes to mind is 13 Going On 30 but I’m like 99% sure that’s totally not what you’re talking about. 

Hmmm… could it be Welcome To The Doll House?

I’m going to bed now, but if you think of any other details you can leave then in the ask box. This is tough, I’m gonna have to think for a bit!

Anonymous said: Who is your favorite actor? 💖

Eva Green, although I love Vincent Price too

Anonymous said: Hey! Please help I been looking for a movie oh my god I saw it long time ago!! And i was like 8 I don't remember the name or anything but some scenes it started as a girl losing her virginity in a three house Then she grew up there was another scene of a theare It was a nymphet movie i'm sure

Can you give me any more details? Like, was it in English? Black and white or in color?

Anonymous said: Some of your favorite nymphet movies?

Little Lips, Marie the Doll, Pretty Baby, Baby Love, Baby Doll, both version of Lolita, Pretty Poison, Stoker, My Little Princess

Those are my favs, but there’s a whole bunch more in my sidebar with the same theme.

Anonymous said: Is Marie Poupée movie on english or french?

Marie Poupee is originally in French, but here’s the version with English subtitles -

Anonymous said: Do you think that you can post some of your personal favorite movies - ones that aren't necessarily related to romance or an age gap? You said that some of them were more gothic or violent in nature and that really interested me. Thank you in advance!

Byzantium, May, Ginger Snaps, Carrie, Poison for the Fairies, Heavenly Creatures, Dogtooth, The Cement Garden, Phenomena, Hard Candy, Maladolescenza, Stoker, Badlands, Excision, Disco Pigs, Antiviral, Only Lovers Left Alive, The Bad Seed, Suicide Club & Noriko’s Dinner Table, Picnic at Hanging Rock